Missy Hardy

Missy Hardy is a writer (composer, lyricist, librettist, screenwriter), director, educator, producer and performer. She has written music for various groups and in styles ranging from Gospel to full orchestra, Jazz band to Pop, R&B to Indie Rock and vocal acapella arranging.

Missy has written and produced two albums, performed on three albums, led vocalists and bands, directed narrative and documentary film works, written musicals and has performed on various stages across the Baltimore to Philadelphia region of America. Her screenwriting work has been selected at film festivals including the Film Skillet 2012 International Film Contest and the 2013 Macon Film Festival.

Missy’s portfolio also includes education initiatives such as The Late Morning Show which is a musical theatre podcast built to inspire and educate creatives on how to write musicals. Furthermore, her online course Writing the Musical Adaptation is an in-depth course designed to help creatives write musicals. It has been noted that it is a comprehensive course not only designed to help students create musical adaptations but also a course in writing a musical from scratch.

Her latest project is a single called God Is Real which shares the story of a famous competition that went down in the Bible many years ago. God Is Real is Missy’s debut single after her recent move to Nashville, TN. She is excited about this new release and season in her life.

In working with Missy, you’ll find that she’s the encouraging type, believing that a person can achieve whatever they believe they can achieve. As a teenager, Missy was told that she would never get a degree in music even though that’s what she aspired to do. Missy holds a B.A. in Music from Moravian University and an M.A. in Film and Television from SCAD.