Missy Hardy

Writer / Director / Educator

God Reigns

Believing that she’s destined for something extraordinary someday, a young artist moves to the big city to pursue her dreams. While there, she meets this world renowned crazy guy named Noah who’s building a big boat and telling people that it’s going to rain.

Base Text: Genesis 6-7

Book, music and lyrics by Missy Hardy

Rahab's House

The city of Jericho is lush, robust and an agricultural epicenter yet everybody there lives in fear of the Israelites who are soon coming to claim what belongs to them...which is actually the entire city of Jericho. In the midst of all of this, an unlikely hero in the city emerges by the name of Rahab, a prostitute determined to do whatever it takes to help save the lives of her entire family.

Base Text: Joshua 2:1-23 and Joshua 6:1-25

Book, music and lyrics by Missy Hardy

Title To Be Determined

Another adaptation is in the works. Stay tuned for more.

Base Text: a story from the Bible

Book, music and lyrics by Missy Hardy

Writing the Musical Adaptation

This musical theatre writing course has been prepared for students who want to write a musical and don’t know where to begin. This course has also been prepared for students who’ve written dramatic works previously but have never written a musical adaptation. If you are a scriptwriter, composer, lyricist or songwriter who is interested in learning what it’s like to be part of writing a new musical for the stage or a movie, then this course is for you.

Course taught by Missy Hardy

The Late Morning Show

If you’ve been wanting to write a musical or are curious of how it’s done, The Late Morning Show with Missy Hardy offers tips, strategies and encouragement to help you create the book and/or songs for your dream musical theatre or movie musical production.

Podcast hosted by Missy Hardy

Director's Reel

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