Missy Hardy

Writer / Director / Educator / Producer / Performer

Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting my portfolio website. Here you will find a curated list of works that I created from my experience in music, film and theatre. Thus far (and yes, I’m older than I look), I’ve been blessed to have performed with extraordinary artists in genres ranging from Gospel to Musical Theatre, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Pop. I have written for full orchestra, conducted a string ensemble, produced records and written screenplays and stage works. Speaking of the stage, I’ve written a musical that’s been greenlit by a Broadway theatrical firm. My work has screened at film festivals. I can only imagine the amount of students that I’ve taught to write scripts, be they completely original works or adaptations; it’s been students of various ages.

I’ve collaborated with and learned from artists who’ve won prestigious awards such as the Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Emmy and The Kennedy Center Honor. I’m a multi-instrumentalist as well. The first instrument I ever learned to play was the drum kit; self-taught at six years old. To this day, that’s my favorite instrument. That’s the one instrument a person can play ANYWHERE and get people moving! (it’s true, just try it….get a trashcan on the sidewalk and make it work)

Moreover, as I momentarily reflect, God has blessed me to grow a lot – not only creatively but generally. I’ve seen a lot, lost a lot. I know quite a bit about sorrow, grief and disappointment. I’ve been broke. I’ve been homeless. There are so many stories that I could share about challenges that I had to overcome and overcame. It’s interesting, a loved one pointed out to me that it’s fascinating that I can still smile and encourage others when my own dream has not come true. And I think it’s because I know that one day the harvest will come from all the sowing. I can say with absolute certainty that seasons are just that…seasons. A season doesn’t last forever (even though it can feel like forever). At some point a specific season is over; now of course it could return again but a season is for a specified time and then it’s over. And what you do in that season, I believe, helps you prepare for the next.

My dream season is for my work to be a blessing to billions of people around the world…one story at a time.

So what am I up to right now? Currently, I am taking a break from writing new scripts and music. For those who know me personally, please don’t be alarmed. I am still teaching the art of story but channeling that work into creative strategies for marketers. I’ve learned that my skill set is not limited to the performing arts but can also assist those in business.

With all of that being said…I think I’ve stated all that I’ve needed to state in this address. Thank you for reading. And if you just scrolled to the bottom…well, hello.

No but seriously, above all I wish for you happiness and I hope that the rest of your week is like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks again for stopping by.

All the best,